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MINIMALISM, where to start? 22 things you can get rid off.

You want to go minimalism, but you don’t know where to start? Here are 22 ideas of things you can already throw away. Let’s do our best together!

1. Clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

Maybe you don’t like it anymore, or the size is wrong… Anyway! No need to keep them! Clothes take a huge place within an apartment. Once you will sort out your closet correctly, you will discover so much space!

2. Bags you don’t use anymore.

Same as for the clothes, sort out your bags. Do you really need 20 of them? Prefer to have one or two nice bags (like luxury bags like Celine), instead of several of poor quality.

3. Expired medicines.

We often forget that medicines have an expiration date, and we tend to keep them ‘just in case I get the flu again’. But when it happens, these medicines have already expired, and you will just have to go buy more. So don’t keep them!

4. Broken items.

You know this box that fell and broke a year ago? I said I would fix it as soon as possible… But it’s already been 6 months! Let’s be honest, we barely never take time to fix these stuff. So, just get rid of these!

5. Old Tupperwares.

You know, that’s the ones we used so many times it started to distort, or the ice cream trays we re-used. Well, no need to keep all of those, isn’t it?

6. Lonely socks.

That’s sure you will find the other one… Lie! You don’t need it.

7. Old magazines/papers.

Unless you are collecting some kind of magazines, this old 2018 April issue is outdated, so you can get rid of this.

8. Household appliances.

That’s nice, you have a popcorn machine,… But, let’s be honest, do you often use it?

9. Fidelity cards.

There is always this drawer full of fidelity cards we never use. Moreover, most of the shops digitally keep them. So, you don’t need to keep the cards!

10. Books.

If you didn’t like this book, you won’t read it again, nor lend it to a friend. So, what’s the point in keeping it?

11. Household linens.

It’s nice to have several towels or bed sheets, but do you need five of each? Moreover, it takes up a lot of room.

12. Pens.

Take time to test all the pens you are keeping. You will surely find out that 10 of them don’t work anymore. And with that, you will make small room.

13. Old CDs DVDs.

If you really like this CD, of course, just keep it! But do you need this old one you never listen to? Same for the DVDs, if it’s not a movie you ADORE, no need to have it, you can always watch it digitally.

14. Underwear.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing these, no need to keep it. Moreover, maybe you are keeping old panties you wear for too many years.

15. Makeup.

Keep in mind that makeup and cosmetics also have an expiration date. It’s recommended to stop using these after this date. So make sure all your products are ok, and get rid off the expired ones… Even if it’s your favorite NARS blush! Better not to get pimples.

16. Dish-wear.

Sometimes we buy some plates because they are cute… And we end up with 20 of these while we are two to live in this apartment. Do you need all of these? Same for glasses and mugs!

17. Samples.

When you buy some cosmetics, you often get samples (that’s always the case in France, at Sephora for example). But, do you really use these? It’s better to say no thanks at the shop, instead of keeping the samples for no reason.

18. Decoration.

Take some time to sort out all kinds of ornaments, vases, frames,… Moreover, it collect dust. Who wants to clean them all one by one?

19. Jewelry.

Such as bags, it’s nice to have a lot of them to change your style every day. However, do you wear all your jewels? Better to have less, but good quality ones.

20. Cables.

Not so long ago, I found some of them at home… And I’m totally unable to figure out what they work with. If I don’t often use them, why should I keep them?

21. Mystery pieces.

You know these little pieces left after you built an IKEA piece of furniture? We always keep them ‘just in case’… In case, what? It collapses? Who already actually needed these?

22. Instructions manuals.

I always kept them… Until I realized we can find them online!

NOTE: when I say ‘get rid of’ this or that, it doesn’t necessarily mean you put them in the bin. Some things can be donated or recycled.

Did you enjoy this articles? Tell me in the comments if you have other ideas to share :)


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