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Domaine Bak

'My goal is to minimize the use of inputs and produce the most natural wine possible. My wines are easy to drink, soft and silky. I wait until the very last moment to harvest, so the wines are not acid nor bitter. Mature grapes give this round and warm taste that makes you feel comfortable.

Since these are organic wines, there is a very small amount of sulfits. This product is usually used under its chemical form and in large doses in order to balance the wine's taste (because of poor-quality grapes). In my wines, there will always be a minimum of the natural version of this ingredient. Which is a good news for the Nature, but also for people who will drink them: they won't have any headaches! So please, drink a lot! [laughs]’


Light and silky tannins give this Pinot Noir an interesting length: fruity (blueberry, cherry) at the beginning, and mellow wood in the end. The very light acidity note at the end refresh the mouth. Tannins are distinct but not dominant, so your tongue won't get dry after tasting.

Vin Rouge: Un Pinot Noir Délicat

Open this wine one or two hours before drinking, so the warm cherry aroma will embrace your palate. It's a friendly wine that makes you feel comfortable. You can drink this wine with red meat, or noodles dishes. But my favorite pairing is with dark chocolate cakes... delicious!


A very sunny wine that reminds the summer fresh white fruits such as peach, melon or pear. Very easy to drink, there is no feeling of alcohol at all. The light mineral touch at the end is very typical of Bourgogne wines. After all, Aligoté is a traditional grape variety of this region. This wine reminds of the beautiful green vineyards in a summer afternoon.

Vin Blanc: Un Aligoté Ensoleillé

This wine is perfect when you want to light up the mood and spend a nice moment. Serve this wine cool (around 12 degrees) to enjoy the  freshness of the white fruits. It's perfect with fish -especially sashimi and shellfishes, eggs, light cheese and vegetables. 


Compared with many champagnes, this light crémant is not sugary at all. This Blanc de Noir (sparkling wine made with Pinot Noir) is extremely easy to drink, with elegant bubbles that will caress your palate. Its pineapple taste gives an original twist that will surprise your senses. 

Crémant: Des Bulles Raffinées

Even if I produce this sparkling wine according to the Champagne tradition, I take care of keeping the sugar level very low. It's light and the bubbles don't anarchically explode in your mouth. I recommend to drink it fresh with a yummy pastry or a creamy fish. It's also perfect with all kind of appetizers. 


Localisation: Cercot, Morosges, 71360 France
                       Bourgogne, Côte Châlonnaise

Size: 4 hectares (4,3 hectars in 2022)

Production: maximum 15 000 bottles, according to the years.
                     • Red (Pinot): 5000 bottles

                     • White (Chardonnay): 1000 bottles
                     • White (Aligoté): 5500 bottles

                     • Crémant (Pinot): 2000 bottles


  Domaine Bak

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