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Domaine Bak

フランスワイン、ブルゴーニュブドウ園 葡萄畑

There are thousands and thousands of winemakers around the world...but none other like Stéphane Bak.

Located in the Côte Châlonnaise, Stéphane started to create his own wine in 2007, as a hobby aside from his main job. Working in the vineyard for a local winemaker, he learnt everything about the grapes and the vines. But his dream was to create his own wine. 

​He bought a tiny abandoned parcel of 500 square meters and started to experience by himself. Starting from very small, he continued to work hard and learn by himself. A hard work that paid a few years after starting his ‘hobby’ when he has been nominated to the Concours des Vins (Wine Contest). From 1,5 hectares to 3 hectares in 2017, Stéphane finally decides to resign from his main job to start 100% working for himself.

Un vigneron autodidacte

‘I worked 15 years in a Domaine. I was used to work in the vineyard, but I barely had any experience in the cellar, as it wasn’t part of my job. So I bought a little parcel of only 500 square meters that was abandoned, and I started to experience by myself as a hobby’.

Courageux et Naturel

フランスワイン、ブルゴーニュブドウ園 葡萄畑

What a bold move to start a Domaine from scratch! Usually, vineyards are transmitted from generations to generations. Because the wine world is so small and difficult to enter, and also because vineyards prices are incredibly expensive, there are only a very few brave people who start like Stéphane did.

His motivation: create a wine that respects the nature and the body. Stéphane chose to work only with natural products since the very beginning. Closely collaborating with the nature, even in its wildest aspects (bad weather, vines diseases,...), he produces a pure wine that reveals the true aromas of his beloved grapes.

Nature is its only ally in his everyday job, as he is working alone…

‘I do everything by myself, from the vineyard to the cellar. I like to do all the different tasks, and doing so I can control each and every aspects of the processes. I sometimes receive some help from my family, especially during the harvest. If I hire someone in the future, it will only be to pass on the knowledge I have accumulated through the years. I think it's essential to help young passionate people and make them understand the importance of respecting the nature, so as to protect people's health.’


Localisation: Cercot, Morosges, 71360 France
                       Bourgogne, Côte Châlonnaise

Size: 4 hectares (4,3 hectars in 2022)

Production: maximum 15 000 bottles, according to the years.
                     • Red (Pinot): 5000 bottles

                     • White (Chardonnay): 1000 bottles
                     • White (Aligoté): 5500 bottles

                     • Crémant (Pinot): 2000 bottles



  Domaine Bak

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