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Inner Engineering

Updated: May 3, 2021

“As there is a science and technology to create external well-being, there is a whole dimension of science and technology for inner well-being.”


What is Inner Engineering?

Inner Engineering is a technology for well-being derived from the science of Yoga. It is not based on a scripture, religion, or philosophy. It comes from my experience of life, which gives it a very unique perspective. It is relatable to anyone because it comes from within – not from a particular tradition or culture. This is not Eastern or Western. This is an inner dimension that every human being needs to explore. This is not about God. This is not about converting you into something. This is about making you who you really are. Right now, through your identifications of gender, nationality, race, religion, and so on, you are converted into an amalgamation of things that are not “you.” Essentially, you are just life. But you may have never experienced that.

We have sufficiently engineered the world – time to engineer our interiority. Changing the outside can take a long time. Changing your interiority can happen in a moment. The only thing is you need to be willing. This is not a teaching. This is about inducting you into a dimension that is beyond physical nature. Right now, your entire experience of life is limited to the physical aspects of your existence. And everything that is physical about you, you have acquired. For ninety-nine percent of the people on the planet, their whole life revolves around what they have gathered. It may be a man, a woman, your own body, your house, your qualifications, your money, or whatever else. What you gather can be yours, but it can never be you. If you get this, it will transform you.

Human beings need to learn to simply be joyful, without any reason. This is something that needs to happen to humanity. It needs to happen through a transformative process that is not religious, that does not divide people, and that does not require a particular background or capability. Every human being can pursue this and make a difference for himself or herself, and for the world

Inner Engineering offers a unique opportunity for self-exploration and transformation, leading to a life of fulfillment and joy.

Source : isha.sadhguru ; NBC News


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