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Insomnia: Best Tips to have a Good Night!

It’s been a year I have insomnias. It happens some nights, I just can’t close my eyes. It lasts some days and then it disappear. It’s a bit like a vicious circle because I fear I won’t be able to sleep at night, so I end up not sleeping as I’m too anxious… That’s why I had to find some tips.

First of all, we are always told ‘don’t watch screens before sleeping’. I have to be honest, I don’t follow this rule! It is surely efficient, but I’m unable to disconnect. When I have an ‘insomnia crisis’, I rather try to literally tire my body: workout, walking, going out,… Because I’ll be physically exhausted, I’ll be able to sleep well.

What I usually do: drink an herbal tea before going to bed. My favorite is Nuit Calme (calm night) from La Tisanière. It has a yummy marshmallow taste, and it helps me to relax since it contains chamomile and linden.

I also use oils that I spray over my pillows before sleeping. This one is Brume de Rêve from Sens en Provence. It is made with vine flower, fig and a garrigue mix (thyme, cypress and rosemary). I love the smell as it is very light and it makes me feel like being rocked. Lavender oil is also very efficient.

Another tip to relax before going to bed is having breathing sessions. It helps to turn off the brain for a while. There are some apps to help you do it; but I rather prefer to lay in my bed in the dark and breath deeply. Inspire with the nose, and expire with the mouth several times. It has a soothing effect, plus focusing only on the breath helps to relax.

And finally, my best ally: melatonin. You can find these tablets in some organic shops. It is highly efficient as it makes you sleep in 30 minutes. The best point: there is no risk of addiction. I take tablets for three days in a row and it helps me to set the pace for regular hours of sleep.

Last but not least, remember to eat a light meal for dinner. Long digestion makes sleep impossible. Be careful!

I hope these tips will help you. Feel free to share yours in the comment section! Let’s help each other!


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