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MINIMALISM: Live Better with Less [Part 2: the update]

Here is an update about my minimalism way of life, one year later! I wanted to share with you about my way of consuming fast fashion and such. It looks like many people are struggling to start living minimalist so let’s do our best together!

‘This lifestyle changed my way of consuming, spending money and organizing my life’



As I often receive packages from brands, I used to have a lot of cosmetics. Brands say they will send a few products and we receive dozens of them. Let’s be honest, I don’t need ten creams or serums. So, as soon as I receive packages, I sort out. I keep what I truly need and is adapted to my skin (I have a sensitive skin so I have to be careful). Things I don’t need: I give them to friends, family or charity. No way to waste products! I want to respect the brands I support, but also my minimalistic lifestyle. It’s all about balance.


I’m proud to say that in a year I:

  • Kept sorting out my closet and sold a lot of things on Vinted [European secondhand app]. I also gave a lot of items to charity.

  • Didn’t buy a lot of things in months as I didn’t need anything. Compared to all what I used to buy, that’s a huge change!

I also respect a new rule: ‘one enter, one get o