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PARIS: Top 3 Best Skin Care Salons

When being in Paris for the first time, it’s sometimes difficult to know which restaurant to go to eat, where to take a stroll, or even have a massage (without being trapped in a scam). It took me ages to figure out where to get a good skin care session. I’ve been to many different salons, and sometimes been so disappointed by the service.

So I thought it would be nice to share with you my favorite addresses, so you won’t get bad experiences during your next stay in Paris!

Skin Care In Paris

(I made this ranking based on my appointments order, not in preference order)


House of Peau is a tiny salon (literally, there is only one person working there), but the service is great! I got the ‘deep cleaning’ treatment. It lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and remove all the impurities and highlight the skin. There were several steps: exfoliation, steam to open skin pores, blackheads removal, jelly mask to highlight, cold mask to tighten dilated pores… My skin was so clean, it made me super happy!

Note: a 10€ Paypal transfer is required upon reservation and the rest of the payment at the salon has to be in cash (no credit card reader). It is a very small salon, so that’s normal, don’t worry :)

If you like very classy places to get your skin care treatments, that may not be the place that will suit you the best as it’s a tiny place. The treatment was simple but efficient, and the beautician kindly explained all the steps during the process.

Address: House of Peau

12, Boulevard Jean Jaurès

92110 Clichy La Garenne


I tested the treatment called ‘La Vie en Rose’. It lasts one hour, and uses the Kobido technic. This massage’s goal is to enlighten your skin, drain the lymph, stimulate blood and lymph circulations, enhance the collagen production, reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, improve the skin texture, relax the muscles of the face and neck but also deeply relax yourself. Leslie massaged several zones during the treatment including face, neck and arms.

I really enjoyed the massage! Leslie is very kind and delicate. Before the treatment, she makes a skin diagnostic and analyses your habits, so she gives very nice advices about daily treatments.

She has a salon in Paris, and another one in Normandie, which can be very convenient if you are not staying in the capital.

Contrary to one might think, my face didn’t turn red at the end of the Kobido massage (since there are some pinches during the treatment) because Leslie uses fresh jade rolls to relax the skin.

In short, a very nice salon, a kind person, and an efficient treatment!

Address: Leslie Chemouny

9, rue Ganneron

75018 Paris


I also got a Kobido massage at this place. It lasted 80 minutes. It’s an anti-aging treatment that beauticians adapt to your skin type. Kobido massage is a Japanese technic that drain the lymph and reshape the face with tonicity.

The treatment had several steps:

  • Makeup removal

  • Skin analysis in order to choose the right products

  • Exfoliation / oil

  • Kobido massage

  • Neck and shoulders massage

  • Face massage

  • Fresh jade roller on the face and warm towel on the neck during mask wait time

  • Cream and serum

A very detailed treatment I really enjoyed! Before the massage, the beautician asked me how intense I wanted it to be: light, average, strong, and during the whole time they kept asking if it was alright. So it didn’t hurt at all, it was perfect!

As La Samaritaine just opened, the Spa is new and modern. The place is absolutely amazing and so relaxing! However, bookings are full so make sure to call in advance.

Address: La Samaritaine

Spa Cinq Mondes level -1

9, rue de la Monnaie

75001 Paris

And that’s all for the salons! I will often update this article as I want to test more places :). Feel free to share your own local recommendations in the comments sections. It may help other readers ;).

See you soon!


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