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Slanelle's Feedback: Naturopathy

Naturopathy : my feedback

December 04, 2020


Today's topic will be: ‘well-being’. As everyone, I am concerned by my health, and it’s been years I have been following ‘grandma’s tips’: take plants instead of medicines for example — unless I need a pharmaceutical treatment if it is more serious. Since I prefer to prevent instead of curing, I do my best not to get sick.

Because of the pandemic climate we are in, with covid occupying all of our thoughts, I try to take extra-care of myself: I try to avoid stressful situations, move my body as much as possible (too bad gyms are closed, I can’t practice climbing, so I try to walk around 5-6km per day), and eat many fruits and vegetables. Of course, I add these measures to the usual sanitary ones we all have follow in public areas. It won’t prevent from getting sick… But doing my best to be healthy can’t hurt me!

Marianne contacted me after the first national lockdown. We already knew each other from a project. She developed a new lovely one: to propose several different methods linked to well-being such as yoga, hypnosis, and naturopathy, through ‘Yoga Ici’. She offered me to test one of these, and I chose naturopathy as I heard a lot about it.

I would like to write about my experience today in order to give you the keys to feel better, a first step to be totally healthy. Here is my feedback step by step.

MAY 2020

  • Take note of my daily menus. I wrote down all what I ate everyday during 10 days. From breakfast to diner, even the small snacks and drinks. Doing this, Marianne would understand my food habits. It is very important within the process, because naturopathy relies a lot on food.

  • I filled a survey about my daily life habits. This survey has been created by a specialist. It is highly personal and deals with a lot of different themes (stress, relation with others, global energy, private life, health,…). I was a bit surprised to read such private questions. I didn’t understand first why it was integrated in the survey. But Marianne doesn’t read all the details within the document. She only marks scores, one per ‘zone’. Each zone (neurotransmitters) teaches a lot to Marianne about my habits and also (mainly) about my deficiencies. The survey shows a map of the needs.

  • Marianne asked me questions about my health, by body zones. Marianne had a clear vision of my health state thanks to the food results and the survey. All results are logically linked together, and lead to solutions to solve my problems. In my case, I wanted to get rid of my tiredness. Without being alarming, I realized that I was quite tired everyday. After talking with Marianne, I realized with a lot of hopes that my tiredness and stress problems had solutions. Naturopathy could help me in order to be more relaxed and less tormented by my thoughts. So I started the next steps with a lot of enthusiasm, hoping to be more zen and full of energy after!

  • Food evolution. Marianne gave me a prescription in May in order to start my new routine in June. On this prescription, there were written some food supplements. They aren’t necessary to have a healthy lifestyle, but they help to start new habits by boosting my body. Of course, all needs can be filled by everyday food, supplements are just a shortcut. So I thoroughly followed Marianne’s recommendations. I had some food to prefer, but none to avoid. The idea is to eat more food that is good for our body, but without any deprivation (at least in my case since my goal wasn’t to loose weight). Fortunately, the food I had to eat was simple and tasty, so I didn’t have to force myself. I just took extra care to eat 5 vegetables/fruits per day (maximum), and I tried to cook as much as possible. It wasn’t easy, and there are many times I couldn’t follow the program. I think the road to an healthy way of eating is a long process, so I change my habits little by little, and try not to feel guilty if I don’t follow the program.

  • Integrate food supplements in my food routine. This is super easy as I just need to take a tablet, way easier than changing my whole food habits! I don’t have much to add to this subject. The only point is to be sure to consult a specialist (like Marianne), because it is hard to find the right ones!


  • Follow Up

It is now time for me to have an appointment with Marianne for a follow up. I had to fill again the same surveys as at the beginning, in order to see how things evolved. I felt less tired, and as expected, less stressed. I surprisingly quietly managed some situations that would have been so stressful for me just a few months before. I’m not 100% stress immune but I feel like I’m better at managing it, and feel less tormented by my thoughts.

These feelings have been validated by the survey. My answers have evolved a lot since the beginning of the process! My new habits makes me feel good, so it motivates me to be more careful about what I eat. I though that it would be difficult to eat 5 vegetables/fruits a day during winter time, but I discovered that soups were strong allies.

And you, did you experienced naturopathy? I would love to hear about your feedbacks, so feel free to share here or on Instagram :).

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