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World’s First Laundry Detergent Made From Industrial Carbon Emissions Launched By Unilever

The partnership is just one way that Unilever is making good on its September 2020 Clean Future pledge, which states that the multinational company hopes to eliminate fossil-fuel based chemicals from its cleaning and laundry product formulations by 2030.

“Advancements in technology like this mean we can now reinvent the chemistry of our products, asserts Peter ter Kulve, President of Home Care, Unilever. “Instead of valuable carbon being released directly into the atmosphere, we can capture it and recycle it in our products instead of using fossil fuels.

“New innovations like this help move our iconic cleaning brands away from fossil fuels without compromising on performance or affordability,” he added in a company statement.

Jennifer Holmgren, the CEO of LanzaTech said, “Our planet is running out of time and how we treat carbon requires urgent revision. By working with Unilever and IGL we can turn waste carbon into an opportunity, keeping fossil fuels in the ground and enabling new circular processes to make the products we use every day.”

A recent report estimates that renewable carbon production will need to increase by a factor of 15x by 2050 to phase-out the use of fossil carbon in consumer products.

The Unilever Home Care division also has committed to achieving Net Zero emissions from all products by 2039.



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