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5 Best Shooting Spots in Paris (17th-18th districts)

I try to post more and more outfits pictures on my Instagram (@thedailyparis). Since my style is quite monochrome, the surroundings have to be gorgeous to spice up the picture. And that’s when the hunt starts! Paris is such a big city: one has to scroll through social media and constantly open their eyes. Today, I want to share with you the best spots to shoot in the 17th and 18th districts. Save this article for your next visit in Paris!

1/ Square des Batignolles

Address: 144 Bis Rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris

In this square, you just have to walk a bit (it’s quite small) and you’ll find a big green kiosk that looks great in pictures’ background. It gives a graphic look! It is sometimes decorated with artworks (paintings, balloons,…).

2/ Rue Truffaut

Address: 50 rue Truffaut, 75017 Paris

I love this narrow street that adds a true ‘Parisian Look’ with this pretty door and small windows. Moreover, it’s quite a quiet place with not so many cars.

3/ Parc Martin Luther King

Address: 147 rue Cardinet, 74017 Paris

Close to the Batignolles Square, this large parc offers many possibilities for pictures! During Spring time, there are a lot of cherry blossoms. The bridge also gives a modern touch: get up to the platform and you will have an amazing view over the buildings.

4/ Photo Booth Montmartre

Address: 53 rue des 3 Frères, 75018 Paris

Hidden in this small street, this vintage Photo Booth is the perfect spot. However, be careful as you will need to step backward to take the best picture and there are many cars passing by.

5/ Métro Lamarch Caulaincourt

Address: 101 rue Caulaincourt, 75018 Paris

And one more vintage and ‘very Parisian’ spot! You can take pictures on the steps leading to Métro Lamarch Caulaincourt! Just be careful as it’s quite a crowded place. If you want to take more pictures around there is a newspapers stand and a bar named ‘Le Refuge’ that will give a retro vibe to your pictures.

I hope you enjoyed this article and will have a look at these spots when you will visit Paris next time! Do you have any photo spot to recommend? Share in the comments!


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