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Thalassotherapy in Tunisia: the best advices.

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A thalassotherapy in Tunisia? I share with you all my advices for the best holidays. Thanks to its nice weather, beautiful beaches and facilities, Tunisia became the best destination for thalassotherapy. The quality/price ratio is unbeatable: a week of therapy is about the same amount of a week-end in France.

I have been spending a week of thalassotherapy in Tunisia every year. A week of sunshine during winter time. That’s perfect to recharge batteries at their maximum! Tunisia presents various advantages. It takes less than 3 hours to fly there from France. Its weather is so good and sun is brightly shinning all year long. There are various touristic activities that allows you to combine feel good moments, and adventure. The quality of the therapy is high, and the modern facilities are so comfortable.

What kind of booking options? How long?

The best is to book an all-included stay. It allows to save a lot of money. There are some ‘packs’ including flight, hotel, pension, therapy and hotel-airport transportation for 8 days. Price is around 900/1000 euros per person during autumn/winter, and 1300/1500 euros during spring/summer.

My advice: find an offer with 6 days of therapy. It may look long but, to me, it’s the minimum length to start feeling the effects of the therapy on both the mind and the body. 4 days is a bit short. About the type of therapy, there are several options: ‘slim’, ‘after-birth’, ‘blood circulation’, ‘beauty’, ‘anti-aging’,… All therapies start with a consultation with a doctor in order to personnalise the treatments.

How to maximize the effects of the thalassotherapy?

In order to maximize the benefits of the therapy, I suggest you to adopt a healthy lifestyle during your stay. Here are my advices:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol.

  • Eat healthy. Usually, there are all-you-can-eat buffets in the hotel: it’s tempting but don’t fall in the trap! Choose a starter, main and desert, and enjoy the local fruits and vegetables which are very rich thanks to the weather.

  • Move your body everyday. It can just be a long walk on the beach, swim in the pool, or workout at the hotel’s gym.

  • Digital detox! Try to reduce to its maximum the use of internet and social media. Thalassotherapy is a moment for yourself, to regenerate your body and your mind. If you spend your time posting on Instagram and waiting for comments from your friends, you won’t be able to live in the present. I thoroughly follow the digital detox principles and don’t even connect my devices to the hotel’s Wifi.

  • Enjoy reading books! For every thalassotherapy, I bring with me 3 or 4 books. It’s the perfect moment to feed your mind with interesting readings.

  • Don’t over-book your agenda. For a week long stay, I usually plan two touristic activities in the surrounding area. It’s important to keep time to rest, relax and allow yourself not to do anything.

What’s important to bring with you?

The hotel provides bathrobes, bath towels and slippers. Remember to bring several swimsuits, especially an ‘old’ one: between jacuzzi, massage oils, creams,… cute swimsuits can be damaged. Also choose comfortable ones. I think the best are the sporty swimsuits. ‘Triangle’ swimsuits are to be used only for the beach or poolside moments.

Also, pack comfortable outfits, adapted to the local weather. Don’t forget to bring one or several sportswear outfits, a hat and sunscreen. And, of course, pack your favorite books!

What is the best season?

I like to go in Tunisia during winter time, between November and February. Prices are quite low and hotels are calm. However, it may not be the best time for hot and sunny weather, especially if you want to sunbathe near the pool. I recommend you not to go during July/August since it’s too hot, and hotels are over-booked (better for family trips). The best moments are from September to October, then April to June: prices are fine, it is not too much crowded, and weather is nice.

What are the best places for thalassotherapy?

Most of thalassotherapy take place in the four following touristic places: Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir and Djerba.

Hammamet: I fell in love with the Medina.

Beaches made from fine sand are incredible. I recommend you to visit the Medina, it’s beautiful. Moreover, it’s easy to go visit Tunis (the capital city) as it is only 1 hour away by car.

My feedback on the Radisson Blu Hotel at Hammamet.

I spent 6 days at the Radisson Blu for my last thalassotherapy (24 sessions). The hotel is truly amazing, with beautiful facilities for the treatments. Its localisation is perfect: you can walk to the Medina, and enjoy the beach. Hotels services are good quality, and the restaurant offers a rich buffet. There is another Radisson Blu Hotel at Djerba.

Monastir: large beaches and historical places.

The best asset of Monastir is the possibility to visit historical places. The former president Habib Bourguiba’s mosoleum is great, and Monastir’s Ribat is said to be the oldest citadel of Mahgreb.

My feedback on Royal Thalassa Monastir.

I stayed there a week, with a 6 day treatment. It was nice, however there were some inequalities between the different services. When I read the comments from the customers, I realized we all had the same experience. Make sure you read comments before booking anything. It seems like it used to be a very nice place, but the quality somehow decreased.

How to book a thalassotherapy?

Internet offers several possibilities to book a thalassotherapy. It’s the best way to organize your stay and benefit from the best offers. However, read all the customers’ reviews. Be careful as the system of ranking (stars) may be different in Tunisia. I would recommend you to book 5 stars hotels.


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