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Edge of Reality by KVD Beauty: the first recyclable eyeshadow palet!

Edge of Reality by KVD Beauty: the first recyclable eyeshadow palet

I received a nice present: the divine eyeshadow palet ‘Edge of Reality’ by KVD Beauty (former Kat Von D), and I wanted to tell you more about it, as it is a real love at first sight!

I always liked the products from this brand. I use the Tattoo Liner eyeliner everyday, and it was the first place of my Top 3 best eyeliners. Its edge is very thin and flexible (easy to make a nice line), it doesn’t spill and last a long time. I can easily use the same product for 6 months, using it everyday.

Then, the ‘Go Big or Go Home’ mascara is one of my favorites. It gives a nice look to the brows, making them longer, without creating any pack. It can also easily be removed. The bottle’s product dries a bit quicker than the eyeliner, but it stills fine.

I could also tell you more about the amazing ‘Signature Brow’, an eyebrow pen with a thin and precise brush, or about the lipsticks you may already know about. Well, I have never been deceived by the KVD products! And what’s more, the brand is vegan.

And then what about this ‘Edge of Reality’ palet? It is as nice as the other KVD products!

The palet is 100% recyclable, as it doesn’t contain any metallic part (so no mirror included). When an eye-shadow is empty, you only need to remove the plastic part, and recycle it, same for the case which is made from cardboard. Vegan, recyclable,… Already two good points! But there are more: the eye-shadows’ quality is very high. I rarely have been so impressed by a palet.

There is no major default in this palet. Oh yes, maybe one: one of the colors is blue, and I won’t be using it. But that’s same in all kind of palets, there are always some colors that are not used. Apart from this, I’m a big fan! There are 6 matte colors (nice bases for all kind of make-up) and 8 shiny ones. The colors are easy to apply, they blend and mix very easily while staying well pigmented. Perfect!

Shiny colors are beautiful… Especially when applied with wet brushes! It gives an amazing glittery look, so nice! The only weak point is the price: 45€ (円5900). Quite expensive for a palet… But perfect for a present!

Have a look at the pictures beneath to see how great are the eyeshadow colors, and tell me in the comments if you want to try it out !


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