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Here is the last article of the trends series, in which Florine (TheDailyParis) shares her latest fashion finds. Social media is full of trends… But which ones are good to follow? Read these articles to find out ;)



It’s the main trend lately. Blue, pink, green or yellow… Yes, but make it pastel! Especially with the sunshine coming back, and warmer temperatures. You can wear full-pastel outfits, or just add little accessories… It’s up to you! I love the girly twist that pastel colors give to an outfit.


Mules are open shoes with a strap: a maxi one, or several smaller ones. It’s easy to wear during spring/summer time, and easy to pair with denim jeans or a little dress. It reminds me of Buffy the Slayer [American TV show], that’s why I love it! The trendiest design is the padded pattern one with a square end. Also very trendy in pastel colors (you can combine to trends in one!).


It’s a very nice basic item: comfortable and stylish thanks to its shoulder pads, it’s perfect to give a structure to a silhouette. As you can notice on the pictures, it’s a real chameleon as it corresponds to any style: grunge, chic, boho, sporty,… It will fit nicely in any wardrobe!


It’s the jewelry trend that we see the most lately. The bigger, the better! Either gold or silver, either big or several small ones,… It’s easy to adapt to your style! It gives a stylish touch to any simple outfit.


Huge boom for this trend since lockdowns. Being lazy led us being more creative :). It gives an original touch to any outfit, and you can re-use and dye your old clothes! If you are not as creative, you can find very nice pieces at shops. T-shirt, dresses, denim jackets,… Anything is fine!

Which trend would you like to follow? Tell us more in the comments!


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