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Jackets & pants: 8 stylish combinations.

The wise man's dressing room is functional: each piece has several uses. T-shirts are for Sunday or the beach, derbies will be on for the office or formal events. But one piece can be used in all occasions: the blazer.

Even if the masculine style is varied -from casual to dandy to hipster- some pieces are timeless. The jacket is one of them: it's the garment that you can wear for a job interview, meet your Tinder date or for any other situation where it is necessary to be a minimum classy.

But wearing a blazer is not always easy. While some people simply prefer pairing their jacket with simple trousers, it may take time for others to master smart combinations. Time that can be used to do more important things before heading to the office, like properly adjusting tie, or drink coffee without pouring half of it on clothes.

If you are part of this second category of people, good news! Here is all what you need to know: eight stylish and efficient combinations of jackets and pants .


Dark blue jacket and beige chinos.

Let's start with a great classic. The combination of these two masculine colors will make you a stylish man without difficulty, and without taking risk. You will get a preppy look thanks to the dark blue jacket. For the pants, you can adapt according to the occasions: casual or dressed. Always be careful with the cut: know your body shape!

Tweed or wool jacket and jeans.

There are days when you don't feel like wearing a three-piece. These days, you would rather wear something more casual, but that don't look neglected. The ideal combination for these occasions would be: a wool jacket -or tweed for amateurs- with a pair of jeans. During the winter season, nothing better to stay warm without compromising on your style.

And for a very French style, a striped sweater is always a good choice!

Deconstructed jacket and jeans/chinos.

Are you looking for lines that highlight your silhouette with a blazer combined with the comfort of a cardigan? Opt for the deconstructed jacket.

A deconstructed jacket is by definition not as tight as classic style; it is lighter, more casual. To avoid falling into a "parachute" style, since the jacket is already unstructured, opt for tighter jeans or chinos. However, avoid formal pants, which will give the impression of a failed attempt to wear a suit with a way too large jacket. With informal pants, you clearly send the message that the choice of the unstructured jacket is assumed and is not a style error.

Patterned jacket + neutral pants

The patterned jacket is a great way to brighten up your outfit. It easily gives style and certainly avoids a monotonous effect. Check patterns (especially the Prince of Wales) and stripes are the two most popular ones.

No need for the jacket to have too visual patterns. Style remains in subtle details. For the pants, opt for a discreet model, the jacket will do the job by itself.

Green jacket + blue chinos

If you like to wear color (but want to keep it soft), the combination of green and blue is a win. In addition to the fact that they are similar on the chromatic circle, there is a synergy between these two shades. It's an easy and natural combination.

However, it's better to find a good compromise between these two colors: for a pale green, the blue will have to be deeper. And conversely: for a deeper green, the blue will have to be lighter.

Pale pink jacket and neutral pants

Pink for men is really a matter of taste. Some think it's feminine color, while others think that it is perfect for men (fans of Eden Park can