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Summer 2021 - Swimsuits Trends

As every year, both men and women closets have to be adapted to the new trends. To be sure to be stylish this year too, let’s have a look at the new trends. Because, even on the beach, we want you to shine!

Bright Colors

While Winter is usually time for dark colors, Summer is time for bright tones. This year won’t break the rule. Having a look at the newest Lagon Bleu line, you will see all the bright colors. What’s new: the colors are in a retro style, like 70’s and 80’s style.

In the showcases, you will notice multicolor pieces, for both men and women. Gradient colors will especially be shown on the beach.

Floral Prints

Floral prints swimsuits are another major summer classic. While these patterns are usually seen on shirts, there are high chances we will also see it on swimsuits. This year, floral prints will be bigger (like on the picture below).

This detail reminds the explorers’ sketches during the times of new lands discoveries. The benefits of this print: you don’t need anything else to look stylish. The swimsuit can be worn alone, or with a polo shirt to have a drink at the club after the swimming session.

Geometric Prints

They entered both men and women’s closet a few years ago. Wether they are on our clothes, tattoos, or on everything we could wear (including jewels): they have been highly successful. Even if the enthusiasm decreased a bit, it is still a must.

So, of course, they will also appear on our swimsuits. The winning point of such pattern: it easily creates a graphic look, and adds some relief. Both monochrome or colorful styles are possible. Be careful: don’t wear a swimsuit with too many different colors (maximum 3 or 4), otherwise it will be difficult to match with other clothes.

Nautical Prints

Of course, nautical prints refers to summer time, so it’s not a surprise to see swimsuits with anchors, boats or other nautical symbols. There are two options:

  • Either a simple and elegant print, with two colors maximum, for an elegant look. You will only have to add a white polo shirt and some mocassin shoes and voilà! Ladies swimsuits are also highly chic.

  • Or you prefer to have a ‘beach party’ look, and choose colorful swimsuits with funnier prints (such as palm trees or yacht).

Stripes Prints

Stripes…. A classical print in Fashion’s History. However, to always stay stylish, these patterns varies from a year to another. Each and every season, we see those stripes on swimsuits, but they never are same. Vertical stripes will make you look thinner, while horizontal ones will widen your silhouette. Then, it’s all about your body shape and the desired effect.

This season, colors and contrast are at the center of the trend: they will be the star of any outfit. If you don’t like neutral swimsuits and want something different, this is exactly what you need.

On the other hand, if you like subtle patterns, white and navy or red stripes are always a classic, for both men and women.

Vintage Prints

Retro-Sportswear is clearly at the center of this year’s trend. The 90’s sporty clothes we used to wear in the 90’s have never been that trendy!

Without any surprise, swimsuits also follow the flow. The good news: creators succeeded in giving a new look the the 90’s models, so you won’t look like an old PE teacher. To complete the look, what about adding retro sunglasses like Aviator models?

About the shape: note that men’s bathing shorts are usually cut in an A shape, meaning that the bottom of the short is larger. This shape is especially nice for men with a larger torso (it balances the body shape). However, if you feel like your legs are too skinny, this shape of short will tend to accentuate this effect.

Monochrome Swimsuits

If you don’t like prints or multicolor clothes, I have a good news for you: monochrome swimsuits are also trendy! They will be just one color, or some different shades of a color. Ideally, choose a color that is complementary of your skin tone. Unless you already have a tanned skin, avoid black swimsuits, as it won’t flatter your skin in the sunlight. If your skin tone is still in ‘winter mode’, choose dark green shades, burgundy or navy blue.


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