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T-shirt: how to be stylish with a simple white T-shirt?

Updated: May 19, 2021

One T-shirt, an infinity of possibilities : here are some outfits ideas you can adapt to your style.

The T-shirt is not only a timeless piece, it also allows you to adopt a wide variety of styles. Sometimes casual, smart, rock, hipster : the way you wear a T-shirt changes a lot depending on your style.

If some basic rules must always apply (pay attention to your morphology, the size and the T-shirt's shape), you are free of designing any kind of outfit with a T-shirt .

Choose the T-shirt for a casual look

The most common way to wear a T-shirt is simply in everyday life , without artifice. And yet, with a few tips, you can improve your look:

  • the men's T- shirt is the Denim Jean's best friend for a casual outfit;

  • if you wear the T-shirt inside your pants, don't forget the belt, which will structure the silhouette;

  • Printed T-shirt is perfect for composing a casual outfit, as long as you match the colors of the print correctly with your pants: if a T-shirt already brings its own touch of fantasy, avoid overdoing it on colors and accessories, the T-shirt will then become the centerpiece;

  • for shoes, you can wear a T-shirt with derbies , sneakers, or even ankle boots depending on your preferences;

  • the oversized T-shirt immediately gives a relaxed, even streetwear allure, but beware, it does not suit everyone!

Adopt a smart style

Who says you can't get a dressy style when you wear a T-shirt? You just need to combine it with the right clothes. Thus, an outfit consisting of a white or black T-shirt, pants and a suit jacket creates a trendy and classy look. This outfit can even be completed with sneakers for a "casual chic" style.

If you prefer Denim Jeans, it will also go very well with a blazer, for a chic look. Don't forget to add a nice watch to give the outfit a little more personality!

credits: Pinterest

Wear a rock outfit

If you like rock styles, you can also adopt the T-shirt as the centerpiece of your outfit. Completed with a denim jacket or better, a black or brown leather jacket (ideally a perfecto), it will give you a modern look with a slightly rebellious tendency.

You can also pair the white T-shirt with an open casual shirt, to which is added the leather jacket. And to finish the style, opt for ankle boots , and why not for a necklace or bracelets!

credits: Pinterest

How to wear a T-shirt in summer

The T-shirt can be worn all year round, but above all it remains the flagship garment of the summer season. It then becomes more difficult to assert your style when you have to say goodbye to jackets, boots and pants that bring their trendy touch to the outfit.

However, it is totally possible to combine a T-shirt and shorts! Denim or Bermuda shorts (beige, khaki, navy blue, etc.) go very well with a T-shirt, as long as you choose the right shoes. Small sneakers, espadrilles and boat shoes are ideal.

If you are looking for a really relaxed and streetwear style, you can consider wearing a loose T-shirt, with sportswear shorts that are a bit longer than regular Bermuda shorts. With high socks and summer sneakers, you will get an urban and rather original style.

credits: Pinterest


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