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Travel to Shodoshima & Takamatsu

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Here is the last article about my travel in Japan, between Tokyo and Kagawa; a great opportunity to dig into my memories and share my favorite spots at Shodoshima and Takamatsu.

At Shodoshima, there are activities for everyone! Movies amateurs will love to visit Twenty Four Eyes Studio, where the remake of the 1954 movie of the same name has been shot. Even if I didn’t see the movie (or read the book written by Sakae Tsuboi), I enjoyed a lot this visit as it is an out door studio nearby the sea in which the route is totally free.

A short story: it was the early so we just had breakfast at the hotel. As it was an all-you-can-eat buffet, Estelle and me ate a lot. When we arrived at the studio, one of the activities was having a meal as the one served to the students in the movie. Sugary bread, frozen orange, frappé et… curry and peas soup! The whole meal had to be eaten within 10 minutes as our daily agenda was packed. I ate so much at the buffet that I was unable to eat anything at the studio, I felt so bad!

Then, we went to the highest spot of the island named Kankakei: the view was absolutely breathtaking! In order to get there, we rode a cable car amidst the impressive rocks. Just for this experience, it is a must-do! Although the scenery was absolutely amazing, I heard it is even more beautiful during fall season: nature colors turn red, yellow, golden… a good reason to visit this place again later!

Our cable car was pink, and the whole team was excited about it (even more than me ?). I heard a lot of ‘PINKU DESU’ (‘it’s pink’) exclamations at this moment, and I am still so happy to think about it that I also say ‘PINK DESU’ every time I see something pink in France.

Another great memory: the next activity we got the chance to do. Indeed, the Shodoshima Olive Park has been one of my favorites spot to visit. It is simple, but so cute! Firstly, we got to eat a ‘French-like’ meal (well, a pizza lol… [note: it is Italian]); after a week of eating raw fish, I was happy to feel these flavors close to my usual Parisian feeding. And it was so yummy!

The park offers wide spaces with a nice view over the sea. Miyazaki’s Kiki Delivery Service’s fans would especially love to see this little house, a tribute to the movie (in fact, it’s a souvenirs shop).

We had a lot of fun to re-create flying scene with a broom and take a lot of pictures! In order to take the perfect shot, it took a long time and a thousand jumps under a blazing sun; so tiring but fun.

Olive park is, as its name suggests, an olive grove. Oil and olive-made cosmetics are sold there. But, to me, the best souvenir was the laminated bookmark as you have to be lucky to get it. In order to create it, you have to find a double leaf! We really wanted it, so we searched around during a long time to find the best leaves. As I was about to give up, I finally found it: the perfect heart-shaped leaf! What a happiness! I was so delighted to find my Graal! Among all the souvenirs I brought back from my travel, this bookmark is the one I love the most.

This is a place I really really wanted to discover: Angel’s Road! These small islands are only accessible during low-tide, when a sand road amidst the water is revealed. From above, the view is amazing. It is said that this road has to be walked on holding the hand’s of your beloved one, as a lucky charm. But my friend Estelle and I preferred to climb the rocks and reach the end of the road instead of having a romantic walk. It was like being in the Goonies movie, and it was so nice :D.

Time came to ride the last ferry to go to Takamatsu, Kagawa’s capital, where is situated Ritsurin Garden, our last visit of the day.

We took time to stop by this building designed by Kenzo Tange. I knew about him without even realizing it as he is the one who created Yoyogi’s gymnasium. I admired this Harajuku building for so long. He is also the one who designed Tokyo’s town hall (the so famous twins towers of Shinjuku that offers a panoramic view of the city), and also the Grand Ecran building in Paris, at Place d’Italie.

Ritsurin garden was our last visit. I was a bit sad as it was the end of my travel. But I did enjoy this beautiful garden. It is one of the biggest within Japan, as it also includes Mount Shiun. This park is divided in two parts: occidental and oriental. We visited the oriental part. I was so happy to finally being able to see this cute bridge surrounded by ponds, groves and waterfalls, which is a symbol of Takamatsu. It is a place you really have to visit when you are in this region!


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