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Here is the second article out of three, in which Florine (TheDailyParis) shares her latest fashion finds. Social media is full of trends. But which ones are good to follow? Read these articles to find out ;)



About neon… It’s not an easy trend! Colors are like… super flashy. However, we more and more often see it on social media and in shops. In order to avoid the ‘fashion no no’, it’s better to add little touches to your outfit: such as sneakers, belts or even a sweatshirt if you feel so. Honestly, I think I won’t risk following this trend, but it’s nice to see it.



It’s now a well-known trend, since luxury designers started to create small versions of their iconic bags (sometimes the mini version is even more expensive than the big original version… I don’t understand why, but well). These small bags act more like jewels completing an outfit. I think it’s so cute! … Even if I don’t know where I could put all my stuff haha.



I’m so in love with this trend! A simple hair clip can enhance any outfit and give ‘the little something’ that was missing. Moreover, it’s a cheap accessory, and there are so many different shapes and styles. Lately, the trend is: the bigger and kitch it is, the best! I already started to follow this trend.



A bit like neon colors, orange is getting more and more popular! Voted Panton color of the year in 2019 (Pantone 16-1546 ‘Living Coral’), it’s now part of all it girls wardrobes. Even Kylie Jenner wears this color. Add little touches of it to your outfits, or dare the color block look, everything is possible!



It’s been a while I’m seeing this trend on Instagram. After the classic leopard, zebra is taking the lead! This pattern suits the pieces of clothes I already own. I may follow this trend if I find the perfect item (with good quality materials).

What do you think about these trends? Which one would you like to follow? And on the contrary, which one wouldn’t you follow? Tell me everything in comments!


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