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What is Holistic Health?

Guillaume, holistic health therapist and sports coach, explains what is holistic health, and how he practices it. A nice way to learn more about it, and start becoming the best version of yourself! Bethyself is happy to announce that Guillaume's articles will be available on this website. We are looking forward to sharing his tips and help you through your healthy journey!

Usually, when I introduce myself as a “holistic therapist”, people are like: “Is that some kind of guru? "; “Oh! Are you some kind of illuminati”; "What the hell is this thing ...?" ". These are the kinds of reactions I can read in the eyes of my interlocutors. So I often end up presenting myself as a "naturopath and sports coach", which are my "official titles". So, to help you better understand what holistic health is, I would like to explain more in details what I do as a therapist.

What is holistic health?

To best define holistic health, I had a look at online definitions:

  • "Health", according to the WHO (World Health Organization), is defined as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and does not consist only of the absence of disease or infirmity".

  • The term "holistic" designates a vision which considers the object observed as a whole. In the case of the individual, it is a question of analyzing it in a global way and not isolated, unlike the specialization (cardiology, stomatology, etc.) which one finds a lot in modern medicine.

Thus, "holistic health" can be defined as "a practice allowing an individual to regain a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being; by considering each element having an action on their system . "

To put it simply, the holistic approach seeks to rebalance the parameters of an individual's lifestyle to bring them back to their state of health.

My approach to holistic health

Lifestyle parameters

The balance of an individual is based on a set of internal and external parameters that are specific to them.

Regarding internal parameters , I am interested in 3 main pillars:

  1. The power : the ability of the individual to eat properly (food, water, air);

  2. The movement : the ability of the individual to move correctly (locomotion, print, push, breathing, ...);

  3. The development : the ability of the individual to flourish (give a meaning to his life, stress, sleep ...).

As for the external parameters , they constitute what I call the “environments” of the individual:

  1. Natural environment : level of sun, connection with the Earth, water quality, air quality;

  2. Social environment : personal relationships, professional relationships, life context;

  3. Sensory environment : light, sound and olfactory pollution;

  4. Chemical environment : cosmetics, hygiene products, clothing, metals, etc. ;

  5. Electromagnetic environment : exposure to Wi-Fi, bluetooth, internet and mobile networks, etc.

In addition, I am interested in the capacity of connection of an individual with the quantum plan, by evaluating in particular their ego, their level of materialism, their dominant emotional rate and their capacity to live in the present.

The need determines the means

As comprehensive as holistic health is in theory, there are always differences in practice. Each therapist develops their own approach. Some people use food as the main lever, others promote the psychological and emotional aspect, while others favor the action of physical movement ... Personally, I believe that there is good everywhere and that the right method is the one that best suits the person I am accompanying. It is therefore the need that determines the means !


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