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Avocado & Spinach Hummus - Clémentine's Healthy Meal

Clémentine (blog: Amande & Basilic) shares with us recipes to cook the best healthy meal. We previously posted a drink recipe. Let's continue with the appetizer: Avocado & Spinach Hummus. 

Avocado Hummus

If you are looking for a last minute idea, I would like to introduce a quick and easy recipe: avocado hummus with baby spinach and lime. This recipe doesn’t contain any chickpea like other recipes I already published. Without chickpea, it means this recipe will be even quicker to cook: a raw food recipe.

So, to sum up: the avocado and baby spinach hummus is a raw food recipe, quick and yummy. What else?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all ingredients. You only need the main: avocado, spinach and lime. However, you can easily replace the oilseed puree. You don’t have almonds but you found some nuts? That’s alright, the taste will be slightly different but it will still be nice. If you only have a can of chickpea, that’s fine too. Likewise, if you don’t have all the seeds listed, just use other seeds or nuts.

As you can notice, I share my version of the avocado hummus, baby spinach and lime, but you can easily adapt it to your tastes or what you have at home.

Avocado Hummus, Spinach & Lime

Preparation: 20 minutes

Cooking: 5 minutes

For 4 guests


2 - big ripe avocados

100g - baby spinach

2 - limes

1 teaspoon - sesame seeds

1 teaspoon - black mustard seeds

2 tablespoons - pumpkin seeds

2 tablespoons - tahini (sesame cream)

1 tablespoon - almond puree

1 - garlic clove

2 pinches - chili flakes

3 tablespoons - olive oil

Salt & Pepper


1 - Blender


  1. Roast the seeds: heat a pan (no oil or butter) and add sesame, mustard and pumpkin seeds. Cover with a lid and gently stir. When seeds are lightly roasted, turn off the heat.

  2. When the seeds cool down, add them in a blender (you can keep some to decorate). Mix them until it becomes a thick cream. According to the blender you are using, you may have to mix it several times.

  3. Clean and wring the baby spinach leaves and add in the blender. Mix well with the seeds cream.

  4. Squeeze the limes and collect the zestes. Cut it very thin.

  5. Peel the avocados and the garlic clove, then add to the blender. Mix it well, then add the lime juice.

  6. Add the remaining ingredients: almond puree, tahini and chili flakes. Mix well.

  7. Transfer the hummus to a bowl, then add salt, pepper and olive oil and mix gently. You can adapt the seasoning to your own taste.

  8. Store in the fridge until serving.


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