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Matte Liquid Lipsticks : Tops & Flops

Red Lipsticks
Credits: TheDailyParis

The other day, I tested some Banana Beauty products in Instagram Stories and you told me you were super interested in ! So I thought it would be nice to share with you my matte liquid lipsticks ranking.

I’m a lipsticks fan. I literally always put some as I think it completes an outfit. I feel naked without! Because of this, I had many occasions to test various lipsticks: gloss, rouges, metallic,… but my favorite will always be the matte liquid lipsticks. These are the ones I wear everyday. Here are my reviews —


Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

KVD Beauty Lipstick
Credits: TheDailyParis

Price: 19,90€ at Sephora (in France)

Texture: Liquid

Smell: no smell

Lasting: it lasts pretty long even if it dries lips. Its matte aspect is really nice, and it stays smooth all day.

Grade: 8,5/10 one of my favorites!


Liquid lipstick semi mat

Banana Beauty Pink Lipstick
Credits: TheDailyParis

Price: 24,00€ (in France)

Texture: Liquid

Smell: a bit fruity

Lasting: I think it is a nice product but it doesn’t last 10hours as the advertisement promises. Even if the texture is a bit thick, it dries the lips. That’s common with matte lipsticks, so that’s not a surprise. Despite this aspect, I still wear them as the colors are beautiful.

Grade: 6/10 I think they are a bit expensive for the actual quality


Revlon ultra HD matte lip color

Revlon Pink Lipstick
Credits: TheDailyParis

Price: around 10€ (in France)

Texture: creamy

Smell: smells like cake

Lasting: the creamy texture is really nice, but the brush is not convenient. When you add more lipstick later during the day, the color is not uniform anymore, and the texture looses its smooth aspect. Too bad!

Grade: 5/10 because colors are amazing and price is ok


Soft matte lip cream

NYX red lipstick.
Credits: TheDailyParis

Price: 6,90€ (in France)

Texture: creamy

Smell: crème brulée

Lasting: it looks a bit like the Revlon lipsticks (they have the same texture). It has the same problem when fixing the makeup during the day. However, if I had to compare both products, I would say NYX is better as it looks smoother.

Grade: 6/10 because there are a lot of different colors and very attractive price


Lix matte liquid lipstick

Modelsown red lipstick
Credits: TheDailyParis

Price: 12,95€ (in France)

Texture: creamy

Smell: menthol (love it as it feels so fresh)

Lasting: it is awesome! It stays perfectly on the lips. The matte effect is pretty. It dries a bit the lips but that’s still ok. That’s a big YES!

Note: 8/10 colors are stunning


Double matte whip 24hours waterproof lipstick

Winky Lux orange lipstick
Credits: TheDailyParis

Price: 16,50€

Texture: liquid

Smell: a bit of coconuts

Lasting: it is the BIG FLOP. It dries the lips as hell and isn’t smooth AT ALL. It didn’t last during a day like the others. I don’t even want to test other colors. That’s too bad because their lip balms are quite nice. What a pity!

Grade: 3/10 I like the color but… that’s all

And you, what are your favorite lipsticks brands? Tell me in the comments!


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