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Men's essential shirts for summer

Updated: May 12, 2021

You might be tempted to give up shirts when it's hot; however, it is possible to combine style and freshness, here are a few examples of shirts to stay stylish all summer!

The sun is shining and the mercury is racing? No doubt, these are the signs of summer. The winter period is becoming more and more a distant memory, it is no longer necessary to cover yourself under a ton of clothes to keep warm.

When the temperature rises, it can be tempting to ban all collars and long-sleeved clothing in favor of t-shirts. But it's not such a good idea; having a selection of shirts for the summer is essential for a fresh and effective summer style.

Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to wear a shirt without suffering from heat all day. Provided, of course, to choose a model in a breathable fabric. And, as long as we do, in patterns that evoke the spirit of summer.

To succeed in spending the hot season in the fresh without compromising on your style, here are 5 types of men's shirts to favor.


  • 1 The Cuban shirt

  • 2 The linen shirt

  • 3 The chambray shirt

  • 4 The OCBD shirt

  • 5 The pastel polo shirt

Cuban shirt

The Cuban collar shirt (or Cuban shirt) has been making a comeback for several years. This year, will be no exception to the rule, it may be on the way to becoming a basic of the male wardrobe .

It is a very good option for non-formal and relaxing moments. That is to say for holidays, walks on the beach, rooftop evenings or even afternoons in a beer garden. Particularly casual and versatile, it will go particularly well with straight cut pants and minimalist sneakers, or even shorts and a pair of sandals.

The Cuban shirt can also be declined with patterns, for a more striking visual result. It allows you to make your look more original, with little effort. Just pay attention to keep the rest simple, so that your clothes don't compete with each other.

On the patterned sides, you can think of beach, botanical and vertical stripe prints.

Linen shirt

It's a reflex during the summer, and for good reason: the linen shirt is characterized by its great lightness. On the style side, it easily adds texture to a look, which allows it to give it a little depth.

The linen shirt is usually worn in a casual style, for example with chino shorts and a pair of moccasins. But nothing prevents to associate it with a suit, for example in a mismatched set completed by a pair of desert boots.

Chambray shirt

While jeans are a rather thick and warm fabric, chambray has the advantage of being lighter and more comfortable, while keeping that same textured appearance.

If you are planning to wear a chambray shirt with jeans shorts, there is one thing to be careful of. The colors between the two garments must be different enough to contrast and thus avoid the risk of semi-plain. To be safe, combine for example light denim shorts and a dark blue shirt.

The OCBD shirt

The Oxford Shirt (or OCBD, for Oxford Cloth Button Down ) is a must-have for all seasons. Summer is no exception to the rule, for this timeless shirt that goes very well with shorts and a pair of sneakers.

When summer arrives, you may want to go for colored shirts. Then prefer light shades, which reflect heat better. Concretely, a blue or light pink will be an effective and risk-free choice.

Pastel polo shirt

Of course, the polo shirt is not strictly speaking a shirt. But with its button-down collar and long sleeves, it borrows some of its aspects. This garment is particularly relevant for occasions when a t-shirt is not sufficient but where a shirt would also be overdressed.

The possible colors are endless, but for summer, pastel tones are the most suitable. For an effective result, pair your polo shirt with more discreet pants, such as earth-colored chinos (beige, off-white, sand, etc.) and a pair of mesh sneakers to add a touch of freshness to the ensemble.

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