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REVIEW: Avène’s A-Oxitive Skin Care

As you may know, I love to test new products for you! Today, I’d like to introduce you some Avène’s products. Avène is a French brand that uses thermal water. It is pretty popular here in France, but I never tested their products even if I knew the brand.

So it was finally time for me to test it! I chose two products from the A-Oxitive range: the antioxidant defense serum and the smoothing water-cream.

Avène A-Oxitive: My Review

This range is adapted to sensitive skin and is perfect to prevent the first wrinkles. That was the reason I really wanted to test these products. I personally don’t have a sensitive skin (even if it gets itchy during winter time because of the coldness outside and heaters inside); that’s definitely the ‘wrinkles’ aspect that I needed. In fact, I just turned 30 - I still can’t believe it -, and even if I don’t have wrinkles yet, I heard it is important to take care of it pretty early. So I discovered these products just on time!

The A-Oxitive products are:

  • the smoothing water-cream: a light cream that easily enter the skin pores, with a subtle perfume.

  • the antioxidant defense serum: a fresh serum with the same subtle perfume that I used just after the water-cream.

To be totally honest, I was a bit skeptic first since I already had some issues with my skin (some creams started acne crisis). But after 2 weeks using both products everyday, I can tell you that I encountered no problem! I think this is because they are made with thermal water which is very light, and so it didn’t attack my skin. That’s a very good point!

I used both in the morning -before makeup- and at night -before bed time- : just a little bit of product is necessary to be efficient.

What can I tell you after two weeks? My skin is hydrated, silky and, most of all, GLOWY! I have the feeling that the grayish skin tone I lately had changed into a luminous and healthy glow. Of course, my skin hasn’t be deeply transformed: I’m just saying I have the feeling I finally have a unified complexion.

And that’s absolutely perfect because that’s exactly what the products promise: smooth wrinkles and healthy glow!

After all, that’s a reality: pollution, stress, screens, unhealthy food,… All these parameters impact our skin. So it’s time to take care of it, and prevent the damages! This way, I can peacefully live my 30s :)

I’m so happy I tried these products! Have you ever heard of it? Or even tested/used it? Tell me in the comments! And, 30s girls, share with me your tips to take care of your skin!


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