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REVIEW: Céline Nano Luggage

First of all, let me tell you: I’m so happy to write this article! I’m so in love with this bag: Céline’s Nano Luggage. If you are interested in this bag/brand, or just curious, continue to read :)

I bought this bag 5 or 6 years ago. I sill remember this day! I saved money for several months in order to buy it. It was my second luxury bag, after Louis Vuitton’s Azur Speedy. I wanted a more ‘adult-like’ bag, a timeless one. Well, I wasn’t wrong. After all these years, I still use it pretty much everyday. It’s THE bag.

Credits: TheDailyParis

About the details…

What I love the most in this bag: there are many details. It is made in grained leather. I 100% recommend this material as it is scratches resistant (unlike the smooth leather). Nonetheless, it’s not a thick leather, so the bag is still light and soft. It has a long thin handle that makes it easy to wear as a shoulder bag or cross body. The handle is also removable thanks to snap hooks (engraved Céline, so beautiful!) that allows to add a customized handle if needed.

The bag has a square shape with a small zip pocket on the front, with a silver ‘Céline Paris’ embossing. It has a small handle in stiffer leather in order to prevent it to sag (and it’s so convenient to grab it). My favorite part of Nano Luaggage’s front: its high-ends finishings that shows a great savoir-faire (know-how).

It also has a zip to close the main bag pocket; it’s very important for me, especially in the subway. There is a small pocket inside the bag in order to keep your cards: so convenient! The rest of the bag is a wide space that can welcome all your belongings.

Bag size: 20CM X 20CM X 10CM

Price (at the shop): 1900€

Credits: TheDailyParis

My review…

I have to carry a lot of stuff… And they all fit in my Nano Luggage! Honestly, I was a bit worried wether all my belongings would fit in the bag when I bought it. The handle has the perfect size. The silver color on the metalworks is still same.

The only small detail that got me a bit worried was these small leather pieces around the snap hooks. By dint of using it so much, this soft part folded and thus the snap hooks started moving and wrap the handle. A year ago, a cobbler added a thicker piece of leather and it was a perfect as the first day! It’s a very small detail, but as it’s a review, I wanted to tell you all the truth!

I have many bags, but I can honestly tell you that this one is my favorite ever. Moreover it matches perfectly with all kind of outfits!

I hope this article will help you a bit if you are considering buying a Céline bag… Or just made you discover something new! Tell me in the comments what you think about this bag :)


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