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Slanelle's Short Girl Fashion Tips: How to wear a long dress?

How to wear a long dress as a short girl?


Because I’m quite small (only 160cm), I always forbid myself to wear long dresses. As the famous fashion guru Christina Cordula says: ‘your silhouette will look packed’. But I started to notice some short girls like me proudly wearing maxi dresses, and they looked gorgeous. Was I right?

I started to research about it. How to wear a long dress when we are short, without looking smaller? I would like to share with you my recommendations and tips in order to lengthen your silhouette with a maxi dress!

I started by ordering a yellow dress, thinking that it wouldn’t suit me, but it was a good choice as it was so beautiful. Even wearing it with bare feet like on the picture, I thought it looks pretty nice (without any heels to cheat!).

It doesn’t look like I’m super tall, that’s true. But I don’t think I look ‘crammed’. I was so pleased that I proudly kept wearing it everyday during my holidays. I felt like a Disney Princess, dancing and holding its edge while climbing the stairs. I was like a little girl who finally feels like a big one!

After wearing this dress for days, I visited Asos website as soon as I came back from holidays, and ordered three other maxi dresses. It is so comfy, and I think it’s quite flattering. But I still follow some rules! I wear high-waist dresses, or I add a belt around the waist. Have a look at the yellow dress. The belt is not included, but the ‘parachute’ effect wasn’t nice on me. Knowing that, I recommend not to buy low-waist dresses: it lengthen the upper part of the body and shorten the legs.

Secondly, I only wear super long dress; like the ones that touch the ground. What shorten the silhouette the most are the ankle-length dresses. I think this length only suits tall girls. So I prefer to wear maxi long dresses! And I can climb stairs like a real queen. That’s even better.

About this outfit: this cute white dress is a Boohoo (brand). It is so feminine! It accentuate my waist and enlighten it with beautiful embroidery. I wear it with heels, so I look taller. This is a good tip to extend the silhouette! If you feel comfortable wearing heels, please yourself with amazing ones! As for me, it is difficult to walk with high and thin heels, so I mostly wear platforms; and I think it’s cute.

Last tip to look taller wearing a long dress, if like me you are a short girl: take care of your hairstyle and wear a high bun! It is an easy and nice optical illusion. It only allows you to feel like a few centimeters taller, but it is still working. You can see it through the different pictures of this article. Don’t you think I look taller with a bun?

If you have other tips to royally wear maxi dresses as short girls, feel free to share! I’m looking forward to read your comments :). I let you have a look at my pictures shot by Astrid during our trip in Guadeloupe (Pointe à Pitre).

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