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Slanelle x Jule et Lily - I created jewels in collaboration with my favorite designers! ♡

Hi everyone!

I’m so happy to introduce my jewel collection, produced in collaboration with Jule & Lily ! In this article, I will tell you more about the story of our collaboration, the processes, steps of creation,… let’s go!

I met Lily and Jule a few years ago. They invited me to discover their small world. I was so amazed by their creations, and also their kindness. Two adorable designers with big talent. Lily and me became friends, and I often talk about their brand in my posts, because I love their creations so much. I wear them everyday.

By the end of last year, they offered me to work together on a collection. What a happiness! Of course, I accepted without any hesitation, and so proud to get this opportunity! We started to brainstorm with Lily: what theme could suit both of our images? We talked about Japan, Tokyo,… But we found out that our biggest common point was our love for colors! Then we decided to design a colorful collection, in pastel colors, like a rainbow,… We started to draw some sketches and talked a lot about all the possibilities, technical constraints,…

Covid did cause some delay, as it was more difficult to work without meeting each others. But as soon as we could meet again, Jule & Lily showed me the first prototypes. I instantly fell in love with them! It’s amazing to see sketches come to life!

In the end, we created a mini collection with 4 pastel-rainbow jewels. Materials are made in Europe, and Jule and Lily make all the jewels by hand in their studio in Paris. We took extra care of the waste of materials: for example, the small heart shaped earrings are cut in scraps of materials from other jewels. Cool, right?

This collection is perfect: it represents my universe so well, and so their universe too. It’s a match!

I really hope you will like them too! Please give me your feedback, and if you end up buying them, tag me in your pictures so I can see you wearing them!♡




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