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Tea Time: The Ultimate Tea Pot

Tea Time

It is not a secret: I love tea. I wrote a lot about it before. It has been years I subscribed to Envouthé [French subscription box, sending surprise tea boxes every month], and I surely won’t ever stop it. Moreover, they sent me this amazing present, a tea pot from the future: Riviera et Bar’s Cha Dao.

The truth is: this is the best! What is the concept? It’s a smart tea pot that does everything by itself. You just need to put the tea in the infuser, and it does the work by itself: it put the tea in the water once it reached the desired temperature for a designed time according to the type of tea (not all the teas require the same temperature or time).

This tea pot does everything I wrote on my checklist! (I’m not joking, I really had a checklist).

  • It is smart: there are five programs for different types of tea, plus one you whose parameters you can chose. For example, if I drink a green tea, I push the green tea button, and I can even decide if I want to infuse it longer or if I want the water to be warmer if I want to!

  • It is programmable: I can program it to start making the tea at 8am the next morning. It will take care of the preparation all by itself. In the morning, I just have to pour the tea in my cup. Isn’t life beautiful?

  • It keeps the tea warm for an hour. No stress, I can drink it whenever I’m ready to. And if I forget about it for a longer time, I can have it re-heat. Easy!

  • It manages the temperature: it is very handy, as for example let’s say I know that tea has to be infused at 85 degrees, but how to know the temperature with a classic tea pot? This one settles it for you, so handy!

  • It is big! When I have friends at home it is very useful as it contains the equivalent of 6 cups! Its capacity is 1,2L.

  • It doesn’t take a lot of space. Because of its technology, I feared it would be super big. But it is not! The base is not even bigger than a normal teapot, so I could put it in a small corner in my kitchen.

  • It is not noisy. It is even less noisy than a classic teapot. It is even less noisy than a classic tea pot. When the tea is ready, it beeps discreetly, and I run to it! By the way, I can also use it only to boil water if needed.

Even if I absolutely love it, I will also list all the small defaults it can have. These are really small ones.

  • It is a bit hard to wash it. To be honest, I’m a bit lazy so wash the tea pot is indeed more difficult than just washing the cup (that I used to heat in the microwave… hum hum), as it can be dangerous if sunk in water (because of electricity, of course). Well, despite everything, it’s not hard to wash.

  • I have to make a bit more tea than necessary, because in order to infuse the tea there is a minimum of water to fill (at least two big cups). So I put more tea leaves I want it to be tasty. It is not a problem, I drink two cups instead of one!

  • It is quite expensive. Ah, this is its only real default! It costs 329.99€. But it worths the price, I have nothing wrong to say about it. But I understand it may be too expensive for many people. I’m lucky for having received it as a present, and I’m thankful for that. It may be a good idea to ask it as a birthday present so your whole family and friends can unite to buy it. I don’t know, that’s definitely something I would have done. Or if you know some tea connaisseurs, it is a present that would totally please them!

Conclusion: to be totally honest, I can’t live without it! It makes a big difference compared to my microwaves heated teas. This teapot respects the tea leaves, so it is a must-have for all tea-lovers!

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