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Thomas' Fashion Tips: 2021 TRENDS

Focus on the men fashion trends of 2021.

As the year has just started, we are already wondering what 2021 trends will look like. It may be a risky bet to announce it right now, but trust me. Of course, my analysis is based on last year’s successes so it may be slightly wrong. However, collections are usually made a year before, so it’s in fact pretty easy to tell.

Before starting, I’d like to make something clear: many people think that being well dressed is following the latest trends. If trends allow us to renew your style, it’s not a reason to change the whole dressing room. Keep your own style, and save your money.

The key to have a stylish look is to add some bits of trendy clothes in order to make your own style evolve. In order to help you to find the best 2021 trends, here are my predictions. You simply have to choose whatever trend you like and adapt it.



1970’s prints come back is the biggest trend of the last 5 years. It will continue this year too, with prints of bigger size. Even if we see these prints on trousers, shorts, shirts and jackets, it is better to wear just one floral piece at a time, so as to not be too extravagant.


Of course, with summer around the corner, wearing thick velvet or jean is not an option. However, many other options are still possible, as linden trousers or bermuda shorts. By the way, you will surely see a lot of these latest this summer.

More precisely, longer and larger bermuda shorts will be worn a lot this year. These lines are very popular in the latest trends.

To correctly wear a large bermuda short, the key is to choose the right length. Its length should be from 5 to 7 cm above your knee. For the design, it should be sober and it can be worn with casual and elegant clothes.


During 2021, tight clothes will disappear and more casual silhouettes will appear. These larger clothes are in fact a renewal: 1980’s and 1990’s trends come back.

However, larger clothes can be hard to wear. A too large suit will give the image of bad quality clothes. In order to be sure the cut is perfect for you, ask help to your favorite shop advisor.


Outdoor clothes entered high-end stores a few year ago, to the point we barely see any fashion show not including some pieces. As all haute couture trends, it recently entered the fast fashion world. We recently saw some collaborations between Palace and Arc-teryx or Gucci and The North Face.

Many collections included some technical clothes, so this trend is likely to continue this year.


Vertical strips have two major qualities. First, it’s a simple and elegant print which is easy to wear. Secondly, it makes the silhouette thiner and taller. For a more stylish look, you can try to wear a piece of clothe with different types of strips (thicker/thiner).


You can wear jeans during autumn season, and at the beginning and end of summer. It means when the temperature doesn’t exceed 22-23 Celsius degrees. If dark jeans are men’s classic, it is not the best when the weather is sunnier. In this case, light denim is the right choice. This year, it is not light denim jeans but bleached jeans that will be trendy.


It has been around for a few year, and it is still trending. Cuban collars that you can recognize because of its round and casual shape are back this year. It is indeed the right combination between elegant and casual style, and it will be a great match with smart shorts.


If monochrome outfits never left the trends radar, this year will be especially challenging with total white looks. If you nail it, you will get a perfect style. But be careful, if it is not well-matched, it will be a big fail. The key to success is to choose different shades of white. If you have any doubt, you can always add some navy blue to the outfit like a pullover: it is always a good match.



Suits won’t be the only ones to be oversized in 2021. As soon as fall and winter will arrive, oversize coats and jackets will be out.

The best point of this trend: layers. The oversize shape will allow you to add layers under your coat, such as denim jackets, sweatshirts or polo shirts.


Fleece jacket’s come back is directly linked to the outdoor trend. In order to perfectly follow this trend, find some retro style jacket; meaning a statement jacket that will be a style by itself.

Be careful not to wear just one fleece piece of cloth and mix it with other textures such as denim or mesh.


Velvet came back in our wardrobes a few years ago. It first appeared on suits, and now it is slowly conquering casual clothing. It is common now to find corduroy pants, jackets, or shirts. Its two major points are his warmness and its texture that gives an interesting style. The most you see its lines, the more it will give a workwear look.


Another proof of the outdoor style revival. For fall and winter seasons, be prepared to see a lot of technical jackets (short cut) that will be highly useful when raining or riding a bike.


This pattern has never been outdated, but it has been more or less trendy. This winter, now that the hipster trend is over, it will be back and largely worn. Checkered patterns look especially very nice on flannel shirts.



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