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Here is the first article out of three, in which Florine (TheDailyParis) shares her latest fashion finds. Social media is full of trends. But which ones are good to follow? Read these articles to find out ;)



Such a weird name… But what are these Ugly Sneakers? That’s these huge sneakers we used to wear in the 90’s when the Spice Girls were trendy. Massive platforms, and strange shapes,… Yes, that’s it! That’s the kind of shoes you can’t ignore. As for tastes, it’s all or nothing: either you love it or hate it. Personally, I LOVE IT. It reminds me my days as a teenager. It’s perfect with an oversize shirt and a leather skinny pants. Or even with a denim skirts and casual t-shirt.


I often see in on social media. These polka dots dresses, and more especially, scarf in the hair. I’m in love with this small detail that adds so much to an outfit. A scarf tied around a pony tail or bun… It reminds me of holidays and Italy!


This trend has been around for a while, however I still hadn’t followed it. I’m rather used to small jewels, so I may be chocked wearing such big earrings all of a sudden. However, it gives a chic look to any outfit. A message t-shirt, a chick streetwear pants and big golden earrings = a perfect outfit to go to work! And for once, this trend is not expensive to follow as there are a lot of small prices at H&M or Zara. So tempting!


That’s also a trend I saw a lot online: vintage! And more especially, luxury vintage. Gucci old logo is back, so as Dior’s. What’s the best? Since there are vintage items, prices are OK (but be careful not to wait too long because if a specific item is become trendy, prices will quickly rise up!). We are used to say that Fashion is an eternal beginning, like a circle; and this trend proves us right!


Cat eyes are these sunglasses that give a ‘retro pinup’ look to any outfit. In black, white,… There is no limit! Fun and chic, it’s the perfect item to add a little bit of spice.

And you, which one of these trend do you want to follow?


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