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Umoja, an ethical brand!

Hello there!

I’m so happy to introduce a nice project: Umoja.

Umoja is a brand that produces shoes made from vegetal materials, respecting the African textiles and craft traditions. The fabrics used for each pairs of sneakers reminds of myths and culture of several African regions through their patterns. The sneakers I am wearing on the pictures are a tribute to Cape Verde: the stars remind of the islands of the archipelago. They are made of tree bark and, as of all Umoja sneakers, don’t contain any animal leather or artificial dye.

The craftsmen are fairly paid for their work, a way to valorize their knowledge that is slowly disappearing. A great project, and a brand with great values!

The rest of this outfit is quite simple, please have a look at the pictures following!

Araminta Shirt from Grace & Mila (gifted in 2020)

Anis Top from Grace & Mila (gifted in 2020)

Uniqlo Jeans

‘Cape Verde Stars’ Umoja Sneakers (gifted in 2020)

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