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Wild Aromatic Herbs Pasta Salad - Clémentine's Healthy Meal

Clémentine (blog: Amande & Basilic) shares with us recipes to cook the best healthy meal. Here is the main dish! Easy to prepare, and so yummy. Perfect for your coming spring picnics!

An original pasta salad

Pasta salad is a basic recipe [in France] that everyone prepares when the weather allows us to eat outside. Even if I am pretty sure you already did eat one in the past, I think you never tasted one that looked like my wild aromatic herbs pasta salad.

In order to realize this salad, you can pick up wild herbs by yourself. You may be thinking that to do so, you have to live in the country side where there are wild herbs all around. Well, not necessarily. Even if it is better to avoid streets and their pollution, you can still find some herbs within the cities. [Or you can just buy them!]

My pasta salad, nutritional wealth

The wild aromatic herbs are rich in nutrients, taste and are sometimes use for medicinal purpose.

This pasta salad is full of these herbs which are real treasures for your health. If you have a look at all the ingredients of this recipe one by one, you will learn a lot about their benefits.