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Wine & Food Pairing: choose your wine according to the food you are eating!

If we usually say that wine has to be drank while eating cheese, many types of pairings are possible. From salty to sugary, what kind of food suits wine the best ?

Wine can be drank with food from all over the world!

Pairing means couple food with wine. Both parts are supposed to complete each other and create a specific harmony. Pairing is especially highlighted in gastronomic restaurants, as wine is considered as being full part of the meal course. In this case, wine is not only a drink to accompany the dish, but a complement to sublimate it.

We are used to pair red wine and cheese, because tannins goes perfectly with the strong taste of cheese. Tannins are intense enough to balance the lactic taste, and enlighten other more subtle aromas of cheeses. But when it comes to ‘hard’ cheeses (pasteurized), white wines are in fact better. The mineral and fruity notes of white wine will reveal the real taste of cheese. This is also why the French region Savoie is known both for its pasteurized cheese Comté and Vin Jaune (‘yellow’ sugary wine).

More than cheese, wine can be paired with any food, as long as you choose the right bottle. It is common to say that red wines have to be drank with meat, while white ones are paired with fishes. This is a sacred rule, that everyone has to follow. Thus, a light and mineral wine would be perfect with fresh sushi or vegetarian yakisoba while a stronger and tannic red one would suit shabu shabu or gyudon.

But as each and every rule, there are exceptions. If you eat a red fish such as tuna, then a light and fruity red wine would be a match. On the other hand, if you decide to eat white meat as poultry, then a strong 'leather'-taste white wine is a win. In term of Japanese food, try to drink red wine with some miso ! Miso also has a tannic flavor, so the combination of these two is a real fireworks in your mouth. Vegetable tempura ? White wine. Why not trying a flowery one ? It may give a new fresh flavor to the greasy (but so good) food.