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Wine Tasting: how to taste wine like an expert?

To fully enjoy all the complex aromas of wine, it is necessary to take time to enjoy all of its aspects. From the view to its texture, let’s learn together how to taste.


This is an old French word that means ‘watch’. In fact, the look is highly important and can tell a lot of things about the wine you are about to drink. First, carefully look at its color. If it is a white wine, you will see either a green or yellow highlight on the edges. If it is a red wine, you will notice either a purple or orange highlight on the edges. This indicates how old it is.

If the wine is young (up to 2 years depending on the grape variety), the highlight will be green for white, or purple for red. If it is older (from 2 to 4 years depending on the variety, conservation, production,…) it will be more or less yellow/orange.

To be able to see all of its details, hold your glass onto a white/light color surface in a good light and you will be able to catch a sight of the highlights near the edges of the glass. Hold the glass 20cm away from your eyes to be sure to see all details in the light.

If you are an expert, you may be able to guess the grape variety or wine origin from its color… Let’s work hard for that!

Once you carefully watched the color, have a look at the texture. Take your glass and start to spin the wine. Of course, don’t do it too hard otherwise you will spill it everywhere, and wine stains are really hard to remove! Hold your glass by the stem and move your hand in small circles. First, it will help the wine to reveal its aromas and heat up if it has been stored in a fridge. Secondly, you will be able to watch the wine texture. While you are spinning, have a look at how the liquid reacts to the contact of the glass. If the wine seems to cling to the edges, then it means it will be a heavy one. You can expect strong aromas that stay long in your mouth. If it doesn’t, the wine will be lighter. You can then expect it to be easy to drink with a shorter len