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TOP3 - Best Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo

Where to eat the best ramen in Tokyo? I better tell you first: this cheap and generous dish is addictive! Before giving you my recommendations in Paris (in another article), here is my Top 3 best restaurants in Tokyo: cheap ramen yes, but so delicious! It may be difficult to find a place just with an address, so please follow me on the Mapstr App where you will find all the places around the world I recommend, geolocalized on a map. Just add me on the app in order to see it, my ID is Slanelle :).

Let’s get started!

Number 3 - Oreryu - Omotesando

I heard about this place thanks to Will Soleil. We had a meeting set on this day, and as he hasn’t have lunch yet, we met there. It seems that this place is already quite well-known. There are several different ramen on the menu. Moreover, its localisation is perfect: amidst the small streets of Omotesando where it is so nice to have a stroll.

I recommend this place especially for people who love spicy food because the soup was really hot. You have to make your order on a machine before eating. Even if you add a beer to your order, it will cost you less than 15€. You can even chose the size of the bowl. I recommend to take the small size, as it already looked so big…

6-9-14Jingumae Misuzu Bldg 1F, Shibuya 150-0001 Préfecture de Tokyo

Number 2 - Mutekiya - Ikebukuro

I met my friends at Mutekiya for lunch, a ramen restaurant well-known in Ikebukuro. It is famous, and received several prizes. And that’s right… It was so yummy! It is a bit expensive (around 12€ for the biggest ones), but bowls are generous, with a thick and delicious soup. Ramen I ate in France are always a bit greasy, but it was not the case in this Ikebukuro restaurant.

There are recipes for everyone: with eggs, pork,… Just choose any of these on the menu, all recipes are just so good! But there is a long waiting line, so be careful to go there out of the usual lunch break hours!

〒171-0022 Tokyo, Toshima City,

Minamiikebukuro, 1 Chome−17−1 崎本ビル1F

Number 1 - Oborozuki - Ginza

My ultimate favorite one, the best of the best ramen, and for less than 8€… An absolute dream! As it is a small family-owned restaurant and as it is all written in Japanese, I made a short video to explain how to order on the machine [video in French]; and press the right button to taste the best ramen of your life, with braised slices of pork, so good that I wanted to cry. Exactly. Grilled with a torch, the slices are tender and have a delicately smoky taste… Yum !

My tip: go there early, even before 7pm. As the place is small, only around 10 persons can sit inside so you will have to line up outside.


11h30 - 15h30 / 17h30 - 22h

Japon, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza,

6 Chome−3−5 第一高橋ビル 1F


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